Friday, November 19, 2010

This Bread is TO DIE FOR!

Ok, so I just fell in love with Jilly and Mia of "Girls with Good Taste" and I saw this post about Homemade Artisan Bread.

 Sooooooooo,  I thought I would try it and OMG it is just heavenly....I am so excited!  I made homemade bread and it was so EASY!!!  It was amazing.....I am definitely going to make this for my guests on Thanksgiving.  Thank you so much ladies you do have impeccable taste!


  1. UPDATE: The Hubby loves it so it will definitely be a regular in our kitchen......Thank you Jilly!

  2. Ok I made this bread for Thanksgiving and my guests went nuts....they couldn't believe how easy it was and how delicious and dense, rustic, MARVELOUS! I told them all I slaved and kneaded for 2 I'm kidding, I was honest about how easy it was and hoping to help them make their own yumminess..... Bon Appetit my friends!


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