Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Family Member.....

A new family member....

We now have a new family member....last November we discovered our beloved Chow Chow of 10 years was diagnosed with Hermangiosarcoma.  Basically this means a giant tumor in the abdomen.  It is terminal.  It was shocking and devastating.  Our family had to make a horrible choice that I would never wish on anyone.  My last act of love was to set him free.  I was crushed.

My 3 year old was also so sad...I couldn't make the hurt go away and if you are a parent, you know how that feels...HORRIBLE.  So, we decided to add a new family member and we love him.  He cannot ever replace our Chow Chow but we love him in a different way.  So is life.

Here are some photos:

 He is a Coton de Tulear, the royal dog of Madagascar.  This is a great link that explains the breed and it's rarity.  He's like 7 weeks old in these photos and he is so snuggly!

Check out the breeder where we located him...she is phenominal...she really cares about her animals and strives to re-home other animals in her area.  Thank you so much Cuddly Cotons!!!

I have actually made this little guy a royal doggie bed and I am will post my tutorial very soon.  Can't wait to show you!

Denise cursive

"Je suis reconnaissant pour mes bénédictions."
 "I am thankful for my blessings."

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