Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are you kidding me?


Ummmm, I LOVE Anthropologie...It is my favorite store, website, and place to shop PERIOD!   As a matter of fact, it is one of my ad links....HOWEVER, this lamp is...........well.....what do you think?

It is priced at $2800.00.

Yes, I said $2800.00.

No that is not a mistake.

Click on the link......it is for real.   Don't get me wrong...Anthropologie is one of my very favorite places EVER....but, I don't feel this lamp.   What was the buyer thinking?    I don't know....I do know one thing....I am sure there will be plenty of knock offs in blog land......ummm wait, maybe not.   What do you think?  Am I just not getting this lamp?  I would be very interested in knowing if I am the only one.

Have a great day.....


"Je suis reconnaissant pour mes bénédictions."
 "I am thankful for my blessings."

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