Monday, September 17, 2012

Auditions for a Black Cat

Would you take your cat to a Hollywood audition?  Sounds like an interesting afternoon.
I saw these people putting leashes on their cats and taking them to an audition... that left me in awe, shock, bewilderment, and utterly amused.  I wonder what the requirements were? Hmmmmm... must be black, cat, cooperative?

Take a look....

          Black cat7 
Awesome...right?     They all are like....actually leashed. 
That must have gone over well with the cats.

          Black cat14
Ah- ha!  Vincent must have been an audition for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat". V. Price and Edgar Allan Poe - what a great combination. Used to love these movies - Tales of TerrorHouse of UsherThe Raven... 

    Black cat13
Why couldn't he just walk on the pavement like everybody else? 
Well, that's a cat for you.

     Black cat12  
Who brought a baby cat? We specifically said no baby cats Ma'am.....

         Black cat16
Let's get this over with Lady.....

   Black cat15
Holy Toledo! This woman's eyebrows are scarier than the Vincent Price Movies....

   Black cat6
Um...what is happening here? I don't think I want to know...

       Black cat10
There is about to be drama here, I can just tell....

This whole shot is awesome - the kid, his boots and vest, the cat, the guy with a cigarette, the woman with the couldn't script this shot.

I just thought this was a fitting post as we approach Halloween...
also I do love Black Cats...the best!

Photos courtesy:
{photos LIFE archive - Hollywood audition for Black Cat, 1961}



  1. I had a black cat named Winston for 18 years. I was 12 when I entered him in a local cat show and he won two ribbons. Cool pics

  2. I love Black Cats, they are my favorite =)


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